Sports Psychology

The aim of this service is to assist athletes' in their development of individually tailored psychological skills and coping strategies.

Initially they will facilitate consistent performance, but also with time, can lead to the athlete enhancing performance. Put simply, the primary aim of this service is to assist the athlete in maximising their own individual potential.

Commonly addressed skills/strategies include the ability to regulate arousal levels to a desirable and optimal level to ensure peak performance; the ability to relax and focus under pressure; assist in improving an individual's ability to sustain concentration and focus on the right things at the right times; develop an individual's levels of intrinsic motivation for both training and competition; and to facilitate confidence in an individuals' own ability.

These skills are not learned over night but, like a technical skill, can be achieved over time. The sportscotland institute of sport practitioners who assist in developing these skills ensure that they do not work in isolation and make every attempt to integrate the above skills and strategies within the coaching process. The Sports Psychology team works closely with coaches in National Governing Bodies and other SIS network disciplines. This ensures that any newly acquired/developed psychological skills/strategies are ingrained into the athletes' everyday training and competition routines.

In addition to the above performance enhancement issues, other performance related areas that can be accessed/addressed include team-building activities, helping athletes to cope with injury and focusing on recovery, mediating and neutralising conflict resolution (i.e. coach with athlete or athlete with athlete), coach education and in combination with the performance lifestyle advisors, assist in providing lifestyle management advice to athletes.