Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis is an area of Sports Science that informs the coaching process through the provision of statistical and video information.

At the sportscotland institute of sport,  consultants from Elite Sports Analysis work to ensure that Performance Analysis is effectively integrated into both team and individual athletes' programmes.

This is achieved by working closely with coaches and athletes, as well as other Sports Science and Medicine colleagues. This strategic planning within the coaching process is essential if Performance Analysis is to have its desired impact.

How it works

Research has shown that providing athletes with accurate feedback based on systematic and objective analysis, is a key factor in improving sporting performance.

To achieve the desired improvement, the consultants combine a detailed knowledge of analysis of performance theory with a range of computer software and video technology customised to individual needs.

This approach ensures the provision of accurate, precise and reliable feedback tailored to each sport or individual athlete. Feedback is presented to the coach and athletes during planned interventions, with permanent records created through reports, compilation DVD's and archiving.