Programme design and periodisation

Programme Design & Periodisation is a process of rigorous, comprehensive and continuous planning for sporting success.

Together with our sporting partners, we work to target key events in training and competition and we match training programmes with performance objectives. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement.

Having identified key events and their relevant performance targets with the Coach and the Sports Governing Body (SGB), we analyse what needs to happen physically, tactically and psychologically to meet these goals.

We can then plan the processes and support to be put in place for each athlete and sports programme.

We also formulate the monitoring needs required to measure impact and build a team of experts around the athletes, led by the coach, to achieve this.

At the end of each cycle, we review the performance of each athlete and sports programme to determine what has worked, what we could enhance and also what hasn't worked, so we can discard it.

And so the cycle of continuous performance improvement continues.