Massage therapy

Massage treatment is available to Institute-supported athletes on an identified needs basis...

Proactive targeting 

The SIS uses a network of experienced practitioners skilled in a range of soft-tissue techniques. The service is used proactively, particularly in the recovery phase following heavy training or competition. 

Muscle balance issues, myofascial restrictions, and postural habits that may impact adversely on the quality of training and technique, can be targeted by massage treatment. 

The goal is ensuring a base of good musculo-skeletal health, which helps the athlete maximize performance gain, and stay injury-free during training programmes and competition.

Part of the team

Massage practitioners work integrated with the rest of the athlete-support team. There is close collaboration in particular with Institute Lead Physiotherapists who identify specific athletes for treatment. 

Often this will be preventative, based on athlete history, coach input, or issues identified through dynamic profiling. On other occasions it may be used as part of the treatment process following injury. Whatever the focus, massage is one component of the shared commitment of skills to achieving peak performance.