Musgrave doesn't give up

Andrew Musgrave fell ill however still battled on in Sochi for his last race at the Winter Olympics.

Musgrave had a fever the night before the 50km mass start which was the final cross-country skiing event at the Games.

He finished 53rd in a time of 1:57:08.9 hours and insisted not participating in his Sochi finale because of his illness was never an option.

“I didn’t feel so great, I am little bit ill, I had a bit of a fever,” said Musgrave, who secured Britain’s best ever cross-country skiing finish at the Games after placing 27th in the sprint prologue and reaching the quarter-finals.

“But I thought I may as well race. It is the Olympics and it comes around once every four years and it might have gone well. In the Tour de France guys race with broken collarbones, if I have only got a sore throat and a cold I just thought ‘I may as well just go’.

“If I am healthy next week I will be racing in Finland and then up in Norway the week after that. I have got stuff to focus on ahead of this.

“And I am glad that we do have a World Championships next year, it gives me something to focus on after a disappointment here.”

  • Date published: 24 February 2014
  • Date updated: 04 May 2016
  • Published by: sportscotland